About Us

DigitalParenting.com was launched in 2017 to provide parents with the tools they need to keep technology from harming their family. It was founded by David Tucker, a software architect who saw a need within families to have a different approach to technology.

Through our live events, online resources, and tools we want to become your guide for technology in the family.

About David

DigitalParenting.com Founder

“In today’s digital world, every parent needs to educate their kids on technology’s proper place.”

David Tucker, Founder

David and Shannon Tucker are parents of three amazing kids and reside in the Chattanooga, TN area.  In 2014 David gave his first workshop on helping families navigate technology. Over time this hobby became a passion, and in 2018 David left his role as an executive at a digital agency to make DigitalParenting.com his primary focus.

David’s career has been focused around technology.  He is a Webby award winning software developer. David has spent a decade in technical consulting as a software architect and digital strategist working with brands like Adobe, Apple, Comcast, Sony Music, and many others. David’s writing has been featured on sites like Mashable, VentureBeat, and Adobe’s Inspire Magazine.

David has also spent a good deal of time working in the local church.  Prior to his career in technical consulting, David spent two years as a church-planting missionary with the North American Mission Board. David is currently a member and volunteer at ChristWay Church.